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3 Small Foundation Repair Services Important To The Homeowner

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Nov 28, 2012 11:49:00 AM

WCK Foundation Repair Service Team

In the foundation repair business, it is sometimes the small services and capabilities of a company that will make the Louisiana home owner happy.  If fact, there are many normal acts of service that are provided by WCK Foundation Repair that are never even thought of by our customers before the job has started.  The services that we provide may seem like "small" gestures, but when added up together, they will ultimately prove to big a large factor in the happiness of our homeowners.

WCK Founation Repair has put together a list of small services that are provided on the job, so the home owners is not left with any additional projects after the repair is done.  The services listed are some of the many options that we provide to go the extra mile for our customers.

Here is a small list of on the job services for our homeowners:

1. Protection of Plants and Landscape - While not alwasys the case, there are many instances where we are able to maneuver our equipment into tight spaces to allow for the conservation of nearby plants and trees.  Because of the nature of our job, we certainly have to be near the edge of the foundation of homes.  However, we make every effort to maintain the beauty of the current landscape of the home.  Here is an example of how we do this:

WCK Foundation Repair Equipment

2. Utility Damage Prevention - Obviously, when a foundation repair company starts a job at the property of a homeowner, the utilities and power lines become a concern.  At WCK Foundation Repair, we are able to install our piers into the ground without any damage to the utilities.  This prevents any additional headaches on the part of the home owner.  See example below....

Utility lines and foundation repair companies

3. Post Project Clean Up - This is a major complaint of many homeowners towards the foundation repair business.  When the average foundation repair company is done with the repair of a home, they walk away with numerous dirt piles still on the homeowners property. This leaves extra work on the part of the resdient and often times leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the homeowner towards the foundation repair company.  At WCK Foundation Repair, we not only consolidate all your dirt into one neat and central pile, we will also haul it away for the homewoner.  With this act, we will leave the homeowner's property nice and neat, and more importantly, we will have a happy customer at the end of the project.  See example of our crew working on a centralized pile of dirt below....

WCK Foundation Repair Dirt Pile

As we mentioned earlier in this article, these services may seem very small in scope. However, when added up, it is these small services that culminate in a very successful project and a very happy homewoner.  And, this is what makes WCK Foundation Repair continue to grow as the HOME TEAM in foundation repair. 

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