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How rainfall will impact the foundation of your home in Baton Rouge

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Jan 10, 2013 11:16:00 AM

Rain and Foundation Repair Baton Rouge 

The Baton Rouge area is currently experiencing some very long and consistent rainfall that seems to have no end in sight.  The long and never ending wintery rain in Louisiana can certainly play a significant factor in foundation problems for your home.  The most common cause of foundation failure is when changes in moisture and the density of the soil occur.

In a blog that we had written in the spring of 2012, we discussed the impact that the steady spring rains have on the Louisiana soils and the foundation of our homes.  In Louisiana, the soil conditions are unique.  For thousands of feet below the ground, there is no solid rock or ground present. The soil consist of very expansive clay, which is usually titled smectite clays, which are a family of clays that swell when immersed in water.  According to the map on, over fifty percent of the soils of South Louisiana consist of clays with high swelling potential. 

So, during heavy and consistent rainfalls (exactly like we are experiencing now), the Louisiana soil will expand rather signficantly.  This expansion will cause lifting of a building during this period of heavy moisture, which can potentially cause significant damage to the home.

At WCK Foundation Repair, our goal is to educate everyone on the possiblities of foundation damage during the long periods of rainfall. The first step to ensuring that your home does not experience significant foundation damage is by simply being aware of the main signs of foundation damage

If you feel you may have foundation damage or simply want us to provide you with a free estimate, please click here.  At WCK Foundation Repair, Louisiana is our home state. So, we take pride in knowing the conditions of our soil and how they affect the foundation of a home. If the heavy rainfall does create a foundation problem for your home, WCK Foundaton Repair wants to help you.

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