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How Do I Know For Sure That This Is Foundation Problems?

Posted by Cherie Malbrough on Mar 26, 2013 3:22:00 PM

Foundation Problems Baton RougeSome signs of a foundation needing repairs are obvious. Problems such as a slanted floor, for example, can be caused by little else. However, a variety of issues with your house can indicate a problem with the foundation, not all of which are obvious. Only a professional can tell you whether your house has a foundation problem, but knowing what signs to look for can help you fix any foundation problems quickly. 

Causes of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems are caused by instability of the soil which lies underneath your house; the soil sinks or rises unevenly, causing the house to move unevenly along with it. The most common causes of foundation problems are:
  • Under slab plumbing leaks occur in cast iron or concrete pipes, which are more common in old houses; this type of leak can create a gap between the soil and the slab foundation
  • Poor compression of soil during the building process will usually cause problems within 1-5 years
  • Clay soil can continually swell and shrink as it becomes inundated with water, causing foundation problems; clay soil is dominant in Louisiana, and most of the foundation problems we see are caused by this issue

Foundation problems can be seen in either the floor, the walls, or other structures, and either inside or outside the home. If you notice the following issues in your house, you should contact a professional regarding house foundation repair and diagnosis:
  • Slanted or uneven floors
  • Trouble opening, closing, or latching doors and windows
  • Cracks in the walls or moldings
  • Separation between wall and ceiling or floor
  • Caulking, wallpaper, or sheetrock that curls or cracks
  • Cracks in the bricks on the outside of the house
  • Uneven posts or puddles of water in the basement or crawl space
While some of these issues can be caused by other problems in the home, such as wood rot, they all warrant further investigation by a professional.

House Foundation Repair 

The earlier you catch a house foundation problem, the better. House foundation repair is quite effective, and can prevent further damage to the frame. Once the issue is repaired, the house regains its initial market value, making repair a strong investment for homeowners.

The longer a foundation issue goes unaddressed, the more extensive damage becomes and the more repair is needed. Choosing an excellent house foundation repair company is key when you are looking to address this problem.

WCK Foundation Repair is always here to keep you informed and protected against foundation problems. If your home is showing signs of foundation problems, call (225) 664-5956 to take the first step towards repairing your home's foundation. You can also download more information by clicking on 7 signs of foundation repair below. 

7 Signs of Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge

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