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Top 3 Things a Realtor Should Know About Foundations

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Jul 19, 2013 9:54:00 AM

what realtors should know about foundation repair

By all accounts, the housing market is on the rebound in most areas.  Both new and existing home sales are growing at record rates, and new construction is beginning to pick up again. 

Realtors may see increasingly busy markets, and as homes are listed, there will be much time spent evaluating the property and determining its value.  A key factor in this process is an assessment of the home’s foundation.  Realtors should know what to look for, when a repair company should be called, and what it all means for the home they are trying to sell.  In general, there are three key points that are important to know.

  1. What to Look for – There are some signs which should immediately point you to potential foundation issues with a property.  While these signs may not always be indicative of a foundation problem, it is best to investigate further once they surface.  Among these signs are cracks in the wall, floors or bricks, uneven or sloping floors, sticking doors, and wall separation.  While they may seem small, any of these indicators can point to much larger underlying issue.
  2. When to Call – Once you have spotted the signs of foundation damage, a reputable repair company such as WCK should be contacted to assess the situation and provide an estimate on repair.  However, if the home is to be inspected, it is a call you may want to place after the inspection is complete.  A home inspector can help rule out minor cracks that the untrained eye may see as a faulty foundation.  Either way, it is important to have these concerns addressed before listing the home and risking losing potential buyers.
  3. Who is Responsible – When foundation troubles are found in older homes, it can be difficult to determine how the repair will be paid for.  Perhaps the seller will handle it, maybe it is a negotiable item built into the sale, or the new buyer may have to foot the bill further down the road.  While foundation issues in new homes are less likely, they do occur.  In this situation, as long as you are working with a reputable contractor, there is a likelihood that they will cover the cost of repair.

The sale or purchase of a home requires many factors that must go just right.  It is important that any issues which may steer the process off course be addressed early on.  Not the least of these issues is foundation damage.  For homes which have yet to be repaired, foundation troubles can scare away buyers and may even prevent financing from many lenders.  The wisest decision is to follow the steps above and correct the issues as quickly as possible.

Since 1983, the expert team at WCK has worked with homeowners to ensure that their foundations are sound.  We understand the unique qualities of Louisiana soil and how this may impact a home.  If there are foundation concerns with a property being sold or purchased in the Greater Baton Rouge area, WCK can help alleviate concerns.  We will determine what foundation troubles you are truly facing, how much it will be to repair them, and how long it will take to get the job done.  If you’ve seen the signs of foundation damage, call our office to schedule an appointment for a free repair estimate, or complete the contact form located here.

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