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Foundation Repair and Landscaping for your Hammond, LA Home

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Aug 22, 2013 10:05:00 AM

Foundation Repair and Landscaping for your Hammond, LA HomeA common question every homeowner has when they are considering foundation repair is; what about my landscaping?  In south Louisiana, we put a lot of time, money and work into our yards and flowerbeds.  Whether it’s elaborate rose bushes, crepe myrtles or any variety of foliage around your home, these elements can definitely affect your foundation issues.  We also recognize it’s a part of your home.  For Hammond foundation repair, WCK takes special care to maintain your landscaping as we take measures to repair your foundation. Let’s take a look at some common landscaping issues that can affect your home’s foundation.

When landscaping around your home, of course the visible part is going to garner your attention, it’s also important to consider what is happening below the ground.  The root systems of the shrubs, trees and flowers you select can have a drastic impact on the health of your foundation.  The positives of landscaping typically outweigh any potential negatives.  However with a careful landscape plan, you can enhance the beauty of your home without compromising the integrity of your foundation.

Trees often pose the biggest threat in a landscape design.  They also serve a couple of very valuable purposes.  Shade on certain areas of your home and property can provide comfort and even energy savings.  Depending on the type of tree and the design, they can enhance property value as well.  However, the root systems of trees, especially large trees, can affect the moisture in the soil supporting your foundation.  Also the growth and reach of root systems can directly impact the structure of your foundation, causing damage.

Taking some simple measures for existing trees around your home can help to minimize the effect of established root systems.  You can promote root growth by watering the side of the tree away from your home.  This way the tree can have access to the water it needs to survive, and you can prevent roots from developing toward your foundation. 

For homes that face a root system that threatens the foundation, or reaches under a foundation, root guards can be an adequate defense from damage.  Install the guards as far away from the tree as possible to prevent damage.

These are just a few tips to help your landscaping to help your foundation.  With smart landscaping you keep your Baton Rouge and North Shore area home’s foundation safe.  

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