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6 Foundation Signs to Look For In and Around Your Covington Home

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Sep 19, 2013 2:53:00 PM

6 Foundation Signs to Look For In and Around Your Covington HomeThere are many tell-tale things that can raise foundation concerns for your Covington home.  Some are noticeable to the naked eye, they can be seen walking around the perimeter of your home or after a storm, and others are less obvious.  Just like visiting the doctor, not everything can be seen from the outside a deeper look is often necessary.  For your north shore home, an x-ray won’t be necessary, but investigating inside your house as well as around your yard can give you a much better picture.  Here are three key things to take notice of on the exterior of your home as well as 3 things in your home’s interior.  With the wide range of average foundation repair costs in Louisiana, catching any of these signs early can help you minimize foundation repairs to your home.



  • Separation around your garage door and/or other exterior doors:  Stress on walls and door joints caused by a foundation shift will keep doors ajar and separated.  Keep an eye on doors that aren’t closing well or any other changes.
  • Standing water & drainage issues:  Any place in you landscaping or yard around your house where water tends to collect can create problem areas for your foundation.  As water sits and collects it causes the soil against your foundation to swell and expand.  When this happens repeatedly the expanding and contracting soil pulses against the foundation wall, eventually causing damage.
  • Cracks in bricks:  For you Louisiana home, cracks in bricks are a major red flag for foundation issues.  Keep an eye out for diagonal cracks along mortar joints and brick veneers on your home.  This is a key indicator that stress and shifting is forcing the bricks away from each other.


  • Window problems:  Just like with your exterior doors, windows and doors on the inside of your home will react the same way to foundation changes.  If you have difficulty opening a window, or keeping it open, keep an eye on these other factors.  Sticking or loose windows can be an early indicator of trouble.
  • Exposed nails:  If you begin noticing nails becoming exposed from your drywall or other areas, this can be a sign of foundation distress.
  • Interior wall damage:  Keep an eye on areas where your interior walls meet the ceiling, other walls and doors or hallways.  Stress from foundation damage can create cracks as these joints separate from one another.
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