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Baton Rouge Foundation Repair: What to Do Before Selling Your Home

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Apr 2, 2014 9:41:00 AM

Baton Rouge Foundation Repair: What to Do Before Selling Your HomeWhen you decide to sell your home there seems to be a long laundry list of things that need to be done.  Find a realtor, list it online, mow the yard, tend to the landscaping, maybe paint, anything to enhance the curb appeal.  And that’s only the outside of the house, with open houses and showings, the inside needs to be constantly cleaned and straightened.  We’ve covered the interior and exterior, what about the biggest part of your home?  The part you can’t really see because it’s underground.  Your Baton Rouge home’s foundation can become a serious issue for a home seller, as well as a home buyer.

You are required by law to disclose any foundation damage to a prospective buyer.  If you discover you have an issue with your home’s foundation you have a will have a couple of options.  Likely the sale of the home will be contingent on the damage being corrected.  You can choose a company and have the repairs made, but the buyer may want to be involved in that decision process.  There are also a couple different outcomes that can occur once this decision is made.  One is good, the other isn’t.

First, as the home seller, there is going to be an urge to satisfy the contingency without paying too much.  Unfortunately there are companies out there that will do exactly that.  Be very suspicious of estimates that sound too good to be true.  There are some foundation repair companies that will quote and fix only part of the foundation problem.  This may satisfy the contingency and allow you to sell the house, but will result in further damage and costs for the new owner.  A second option is to either allow the prospective buyer to select the repair company or decide together.  This will possibly lead to a higher estimate, but undoubtedly result in a comprehensive repair that should correct and protect the foundation for the life of the home.

A quality, competent foundation repair company, like WCK Foundation Repair, can assess and repair not only the damage, but the causes of the damage to your home’s foundation.  For over 30 years, WCK has implemented the best method for our unique, expansive, South Louisiana soil.  Their drilled pier method is ideal for the clay laden soil in our part of the country.  They stand behind their work with a transferrable lifetime warranty.  For more information, or to contact WCK Foundation Repair, click here.

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