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Mandeville Foundation Repair: Keys to Good Drainage

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Jun 19, 2014 11:58:00 AM

Mandeville Foundation Repair: Keys to Good DrainageWhen you think about drainage around your home, there is probably one basic idea that comes to mind, gutters.  While gutters are key, there is much more to proper drainage than simply having gutters on your home.  The reason that an effective drainage system is so important is because the soil in Mandeville is a clay-laden, expansive type of soil that can wreak havoc on a home’s foundation if not properly managed. 

We are all familiar with on again, off again deluges of rain coupled with scorching hot dry spells that are a part of summer in south Louisiana.  As the soil that surrounds and supports our home becomes soaked, it expands and exerts thousands of pounds of pressure the walls of the foundation.  As it dries, the soil retracts, pulling away from the walls of the foundation.  So on and so forth.  As our climate allows the soil to constantly pulse against the foundation, the sheer force of the expansion will eventually compromise your home’s foundation. 

Through proper drainage, the soil can remain constant; not too wet, not too dry.  Taking a few extra steps to ensure that your home is prepared to handle precipitation and water can prevent your foundation from becoming overwhelmed.

Sloping can be a strong tool in combating the damaging effects of saturated soil.  Having the ground built up around your home will channel water away from the foundation.  Sloping will also compact and solidify the soil making it less likely to shift. 

Improving your gutters can be another cost effective option to dramatically improve and protect your foundation.  Ensuring water isn’t being left directly below the roof, next to the foundation, saturating the ground is key.  Extending the downspout can carry water downhill and away from the structure.  A catch basin can be another useful element to include in your drainage plan.  Catch basins can be designed to channel water away through a series of tubes into a drainage ditch, or can be emptied by hand.  Either way this prevents the ground near your home from collecting water, keeping your foundation safe.

These couple of simple ideas can lead to a much healthier foundation and home.  If you notice areas around your lawn and house where water collects and stands, it’s time to adjust your drainage.  If you believe that the damage may already be done, entrust your home to the experts at WCK Foundation Repair.  For over 30 years, WCK has been educating and helping homeowners.  WCK uses the only proven and guaranteed method for correcting foundation issues caused by our unique soil.  For more information and a free estimate, click here.


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