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Concrete Services in Baton Rouge


WCK Concrete Services offers concrete demolition, haul-away, repairing, and re-pouring.There is no job too small, we take every job seriously and every customer deserves priority.

In Louisiana driveways and patios are always shifting due to the extreme weather changes.This can cause sections of concrete to buckle and crack, which can make your driveways and patio start to look old and broken. Some contractors do not install enough steel support to the middle of the concrete or connect the slabs of concrete to the house, allowing it to pull apart from the house. All of these types of issues are what we specialize in.

-Concrete demolition: Some clients may just need an area broken out, with our wide variety of jackhammer equipment we can get in small areas or accomplish large tasks with our machinery

-Concrete haul away: We can go a step further and remove any amount of concrete the client would need

-Re-pouring or new construction patios, driveways, carports: We offer a wide variety of concrete construction and are willing to design concrete slabs to fit the clients needs.

WCK Concrete Services can accommodate most homeowners, even in small neighborhoods and will be happy to assist in any need possible!

For more information checkout our concrete website