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Finding the Best Baton Rouge Foundation Repair Company

Posted by Cherie Malbrough on May 23, 2013 3:27:00 PM

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Foundation repair can be overwhelming for many.  There is often uncertaintity and concern over the cost of the repair, how long it will take, and if it will be done correctly.  Great care should be taken in selecting a company that is reliable, reputable, and honest.  When considering how they may care for your home, there is no greater way to measure a company's dependability than by the satisfaction of their past customers.

How many companies provide potential clients with references? Only the good ones. It doesn’t mean that every job was done perfectly. In fact, as is the case with most construction jobs, there will sometimes be miscommunications or errors made. But what separates a reputable company from one that you should avoid is how the customer was treated throughout the process.  For this reason, WCK Foundation Repair maintains an extensive reference list.

We have repaired thousands of homes in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas, and we have many references available from those jobs. We even have a standard list of satisfied customers who have requested to be used as referrences, along with their contact phone numbers.

Additionally, WCK goes the extra mile with the ability to provide references which are located nearby your own home.  We realize that it may be important to you to have a referral from someone in or around your neighborhood, so WCK does the extra research to find these customers for you.  Of course, we value the privacy of all of our clients and will always obtain permission before giving out phone numbers.  We strive to make all of our customers, both past and future, happy.

We also understand that some clients like to see our crews in action before their job begins.  For that reason, we even provide addresses where repairs are underway, so you are able to see work as it is being completed.  As long as you keep within a safe distance, you can stop and visit one of our worksites anytime. This will give you a good idea of what to expect, while also being able to see our great employees at work.

If you are considering a foundation repair in the Baton Rouge area, contact WCK Foundation Repair for our references.  We understand that this may be a stressful process for you.  Our goal is provide you with quality work and peace of mind.  

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Homeowner's Guide To Getting Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge

Posted by Cherie Malbrough on May 9, 2013 10:59:00 AM

foundation repair baton rougeFoundation Repair can be a big job. Our aim is to partner with you so we can get the job done with the least amount of damage to your landscape and the interior to your beautiful home. We have developed a quick checklist that you, the home owner, can help us to prevent any type of major damage or headache for you.

  1. Protection of Plants and Landscape - While not always the case, there are many instances where we are able to maneuver our equipment into tight spaces to allow for the conservation of nearby plants and trees.  Because of the nature of our job, we certainly have to be near the edge of the foundation of homes.  However, we make every effort to maintain the beauty of the current landscape of the home.  Also remove and patio furniture and other yard items that could be obstruct the repair

  2. Remove All Items From The Wall – Your prized plague, the favorite painting from your niece, and all other treasured items should be removed from your walls. The walls will get a bit shaky as we repair the foundation of your home. We try to do the least amount of damage to the outside of your home as possible, but we also want you to consider the inside as well. By removing all items from the wall, we can do our job without you worrying about the family portrait above the mantle that you care so deeply about.

  3. Utility Damage Prevention - Obviously, when a foundation repair company starts a job at the property of a homeowner, the utilities and power lines become a concern.  At WCK Foundation Repair, we are able to install our piers into the ground without any damage to the utilities.  This prevents any additional headaches on the part of the home owner.

  4. Post Project Clean Up - This is a major complaint of many homeowners towards the foundation repair business.  When the average foundation repair company is done with the repair of a home, they walk away with numerous dirt piles still on the homeowner’s property. This leaves extra work on the part of the resident and often times leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the homeowner towards the foundation repair company.  At WCK Foundation Repair, we not only consolidate all your dirt into one neat and central pile, we will also haul it away for the homeowner.  With this act, we will leave the homeowner's property nice and neat, and more importantly, we will have a happy customer at the end of the project. 

WCK is always ready to go the extra mile to be a full service foundation repair company for your job. We promise to not just show up, make a mess and leave you to deal with clean up. With this simple checklist, you can have peace of mind for you, your pocessions, and your property will be well taken care of. For any questions about our process, call (225) 664-5956 to speak with one of our experts. You can also download a quick guide to see if your home is in need of foundation repair.


7 Signs of Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge 

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How Do I Know For Sure That This Is Foundation Problems?

Posted by Cherie Malbrough on Mar 26, 2013 3:22:00 PM

Foundation Problems Baton RougeSome signs of a foundation needing repairs are obvious. Problems such as a slanted floor, for example, can be caused by little else. However, a variety of issues with your house can indicate a problem with the foundation, not all of which are obvious. Only a professional can tell you whether your house has a foundation problem, but knowing what signs to look for can help you fix any foundation problems quickly. 

Causes of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems are caused by instability of the soil which lies underneath your house; the soil sinks or rises unevenly, causing the house to move unevenly along with it. The most common causes of foundation problems are:
  • Under slab plumbing leaks occur in cast iron or concrete pipes, which are more common in old houses; this type of leak can create a gap between the soil and the slab foundation
  • Poor compression of soil during the building process will usually cause problems within 1-5 years
  • Clay soil can continually swell and shrink as it becomes inundated with water, causing foundation problems; clay soil is dominant in Louisiana, and most of the foundation problems we see are caused by this issue

Foundation problems can be seen in either the floor, the walls, or other structures, and either inside or outside the home. If you notice the following issues in your house, you should contact a professional regarding house foundation repair and diagnosis:
  • Slanted or uneven floors
  • Trouble opening, closing, or latching doors and windows
  • Cracks in the walls or moldings
  • Separation between wall and ceiling or floor
  • Caulking, wallpaper, or sheetrock that curls or cracks
  • Cracks in the bricks on the outside of the house
  • Uneven posts or puddles of water in the basement or crawl space
While some of these issues can be caused by other problems in the home, such as wood rot, they all warrant further investigation by a professional.

House Foundation Repair 

The earlier you catch a house foundation problem, the better. House foundation repair is quite effective, and can prevent further damage to the frame. Once the issue is repaired, the house regains its initial market value, making repair a strong investment for homeowners.

The longer a foundation issue goes unaddressed, the more extensive damage becomes and the more repair is needed. Choosing an excellent house foundation repair company is key when you are looking to address this problem.

WCK Foundation Repair is always here to keep you informed and protected against foundation problems. If your home is showing signs of foundation problems, call (225) 664-5956 to take the first step towards repairing your home's foundation. You can also download more information by clicking on 7 signs of foundation repair below. 

7 Signs of Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge

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