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Baton Rouge Foundation Repair: Who Are You Working With?

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Apr 15, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Baton Rouge Foundation Repair: Crew	For every business the most important thing is the people. In a restaurant you can have the nicest tables, chairs and silverware, but if the cook doesn’t know what he’s doing and the waitstaff is rude, how long will that restaurant stay open? Same thing for a car dealership. The shiniest, fastest car with a low price is no match for an annoying salesman and a service department that can’t rotate tires. These are only a few examples of how people can make or break a business or a customer’s experience. What about when you invite someone into your home to provide a service you absolutely need?

When it comes to foundation repair the end result is only as good as the crew that is making it happen. The transition that takes place from when you receive the estimate to the day the equipment arrives to the day your foundation is restored should be a seamless one. Unfortunately, for far too many foundation repair companies, this isn’t the case.

Contractors and Temporary Workers

In an effort to keep costs low more and more companies are using contract workers. The problem here is that these workers don’t have anything invested in the project. The day before they could have been fixing a roof or painting a house, tomorrow they’ll be somewhere else.

Unfinished Jobs

Foundation repair is complex process. The knowledge and ability to do the job correctly comes from the understanding of what is causing the damage, and how to effectively correct it. More often than should ever happen a job becomes more complicated than originally perceived and, as bad as it sounds, a company will actually abandon the repair.

Local Companies

Local companies have a vested interest in providing the best service possible. This is the place where they live and call home. At WCK Foundation Repair, for over 30 years, full time employees have been the ones to visit your home and repair the damage. With a thorough understanding of south Louisiana’s unique soil and a commitment to restoring your home’s value and safety, the perils of fly-by-night crews and less than trustworthy estimates are never a concern.

If you suspect that you may have foundation damage, let the local, trusted experts at WCK Foundation Repair help. Our crew does this every day and sees each job to its satisfied conclusion with a fully transferrable lifetime warranty. For more information about the signs of foundation damage and to contact WCK Foundation Repair, click here.

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