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Baton Rouge Pier and Beam Foundation Repair: 3 Common Problems

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on May 22, 2015 9:17:00 AM

Baton Rouge Pier and Beam Foundation Repair: 3 Common ProblemsOne of the many unique things that the landscape of Louisiana offers is a wide variety of architecture and home types. Whether it's brick or stucco walls, shingled or tiled roofs or oak trees or cypress trees in the front yard, they are all a little different. Home foundations are no different. One thing that Louisiana homes have as part these unique styles is the pier and beam foundation.

While many homes have a traditional concrete slab supporting the structure, many others have a pier and beam, or post and beam foundation. This was the common foundation design until the 1950’s. This foundation type is identifiable by its elevated structure and crawl space. While this foundation has its benefits and charm, it also can also have its problems.

If your home is built on a pier and beam foundation you may notice a range of issues spanning from sagging floors and squeaking to cracks in the wall. Here is a list of 3 common problems that lead to pier and beam foundation damage.

1.) Movement of interior piers: The support for the interior beams is typically wood and concrete. When water is able to get into the foundation, it can cause these supports to move.

2.) Damage to the beams: Again moisture can play a major role in the deterioration of the beams that support the home. Replacing and re-shimming the damaged areas can maintain the health of the foundation

3.) Movement of exterior piers: These piers can often sink or move due to the soft ground. Again controlling moisture and drainage is essential in preventing this type of movement.

These foundations can present unique problems, largely due to the unique soil that homes in our part of south Louisiana are built upon. The clay-laden, expansive soil presents different threats and challenges. It is important that if you suspect any of these problems or notice any of the common signs of foundation damage that you trust a local expert that knows about both, the forces of nature in are our area and the design of the pier and beam foundation.

For over 30 years, WCK Foundation Repair has been helping homeowners restore the value and safety of their homes. Whether you have a concrete slab that needs repair or a pier and beam foundation with issues, WCK’s proven method and team of local experts are ready to help. For more information, click here.

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