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Foundation Problems in Older Homes

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Mar 17, 2015 11:30:00 AM

Foundation Problems in Older HomesThere is a lot to be said for having an older house.  Memories, character, charm, the definition of the word, “home” are only a few reasons people either consider buying or staying in a home with a higher age.  However, these types of homes provide a different set of challenges.  A main one to be aware of is the health of the foundation.  Here are few things that can impact an older home’s foundation.

  • Trees: One of the most endearing things about an established property is the maturity of the trees and other landscaping.  However these older trees and their massive root systems can wreak havoc on a foundation.  As the roots grow in size and strength they can impede near the concrete walls of the home.
  • Changing soil conditions: Just as the things above ground, like the paint color and car in the garage, will change; so will things happening below your grass.  Soil is consistently changing and the conditions that impact how it responds to water are changing as well.  The clay-laden soil that is common in south Louisiana is responsible for the majority of foundation damage in our area.  So over a few decades, it is not unreasonable for clay levels and soil saturation to fluctuate.
  • Settling: The natural tendency for homes to respond to the changes that time and weather bring is known as settling.  It is essentially the weight of the home continuing to sink into the ground.  When homes are built, settlement to some extent is expected.  However, prolonged settlement can lead to foundation problems.

While foundation damage can happen to a home of any age, there are some additional factors at play for older structures.  However, by doing regular checks and noticing the signs of foundation distress, you can save time and money while restoring your home’s safety and value.  Cracks in the concrete and brick, doors and windows that stick or won’t stay closed and areas where water collects can all be indications of foundation problems.  If you’ve noticed any of these problems it’s time to have your foundation properly estimated by a company that utilizes the best method for south Louisiana’s unique soil conditions.  For over 30 years, WCK Foundation Repair, and their drilled-pier method has been helping homeowners and communities restore their home’s safety and value.  For more information, click here.  


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