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I Have a Pool of Water in My Yard. Is That Bad for My Foundation?

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Mar 12, 2015 1:35:16 PM

I Have a Pool of Water in My Yard.  Is That Bad for My Foundation?Having a body of water in your yard can be your own personal paradise just steps from home.  It can be a pool in your backyard where your kids can play.  Maybe a pond where you can fish whenever you’d like, or even a simple fountain in the courtyard can enhance the ambience of your home.  However intentionally placed water versus water that ends up in unintended places can turn a paradise into a nightmare. 

The unique soil that our south Louisiana homes are built upon is extremely susceptible to moisture and precipitation.  The clay-laden elements expand and contract with the introduction and withdrawal of water.  There are many places near your home’s foundation that can collect water after a storm or after watering the lawn; this is an indication of a place that is receiving too much moisture, thus forcing the soil to expand and press against the concrete walls of the foundation.  However if you do notice some areas in the yard where rainwater tends to collect, you can prevent potential damage to your foundation by follow these tips.

Tips to improve drainage in your Baton Rouge yard:

  • French Drains: If you only notice one problem spot, digging a deep trench to channel water away from the home can keep your foundation safe.
  • Clean Gutters: One key cause for water accumulation is clogged gutters.  When the roof’s drainage system can’t channel water away, it gets dumped over the sides of the gutters, causing pooling.
  • Dry Wells: If your yard has significant drainage issues, dry wells can come in handy.  Tubes and pipes can even be installed to carry the water that collects near the structure into these wells.
  • Curtain Drains: If you have a problem with low lying areas, curtain drains could be the remedy.  These perforated drains, covered by rocks carry water away from your home.

No matter what method works best for the layout in your yard, keeping an eye on the drainage tendencies around your home should be a regular habit.  The tropical climate and stormy summers that are a part of life in south Louisiana can wreak havoc on your home if drainage isn’t addressed.  If you have some concerns about your foundation it is important to contact a local, trusted foundation repair company.  For over 30 years, WCK Foundation Repair has utilized the ideal method for Louisiana’s unique soil, the drilled pier method, to help restore the community’s safety and value.  For more information, click here.

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