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Slidell Foundation Repair: Why Is The Method So Important

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on May 26, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Slidell Foundation Repair: Why Is The Method So ImportantEvery activity, objective and action has its ideal method. It’s hard to hit a golf ball 300 yards with a sand wedge, just as it’s hard to hit a ball out of a steep sand trap with a 3-wood. There are specific tools and methods to overcome each of these challenges. The same principle of using the right method for a job is vitally important to foundation repair. While there are likely a few options to get the job “done”, there is really one best option. If you had to cut your hair you could go see a stylist or you could take a pair of scissors to it, either way your hair gets cut, but isn’t one option better?

For your home on the north shore in Slidell, it sits on a unique, expansive, clay-laden soil that requires a specialized method and expertise. However, very few companies recognize the challenges that this soil presents to foundations. Many companies in our part of the state are actually based elsewhere across the country.

These foundation repair companies and their crews use methods and tools that are designed to repair foundations built rocky soil. Simply put, this doesn’t work on our clay soil. The forces of nature in south Louisiana demand a specific solution, otherwise you could be paying for a repair that doesn’t actually fix any problems.

So what is the best method? The drilled pier method is the perfect remedy for the damage caused by our expansive soil. Whether you have a pier and beam foundation or a concrete slab, installing piers that stabilize the foundation completely actually prevent any further or future damage. WCK Foundation Repair has been using the drilled pier method exclusively for over 30 years. With a fully transferrable lifetime warranty, the quality and effectiveness of this method and craftsmanship speaks for itself. For more information, click here.

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