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Paying for Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge: Financing and Other Options

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Sep 13, 2018 2:40:00 PM

paying for foundation repairIn south Louisiana the potential for foundation damage at your home is increased to our unique, clay-laden soil.  With a wet climate, this expansive soil can wreak havoc on concrete slabs, as well as pier and beam foundations which are common in this part of the state.  If you’ve noticed cracks in your foundation, walls, or ceilings, or doors and windows that won’t close or stay open, you may have foundation damage.  This can be a scary feeling and the most important thing you can do is get an estimate to have your foundation repaired.  After an estimate from a qualified professional you’ll have the information you need to make the best decision for you home.  But, as with anything, it will come with a cost. 

So now you know the issue, and you know the solution, how do you pay for it?  Foundation repair costs can range based on the severity of the problem.  Delaying repairs can extend the amount of damage, eventually costing even more in the long run; there is even the increased chance of causing structural damage to your home.  Fortunately there are a few options you when it comes to paying for foundation repair.

Paying for Foundation Repair with Cash

Of course cash is always an option.  Depending on the extent of the damage to your foundation, dipping into savings can be your best bet.  However for more expensive repairs this may be not be feasible.

Paying for Foundation Repair with a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit

A home equity line of credit, or home equity loan can be a convenient and affordable way to fund your foundation repair.  Leveraging the equity in your home can provide the cash you’ll need to restore your home’s safety and value.  A home equity loan will give you a lump sum with a fixed rate.  A HELOC, or home equity line of credit, is similar to a credit card.  This allows you to access money when you need it and pay it back as you wish.

Financing Foundation Repair

Many foundation repair companies have financing options available for homeowners.  If you don’t want to use the equity in your home, or your savings, financing packages can be a great way to pay for your foundation damage.  There are even 0% interest options that can save you money. 

While foundation damage can be an intimidating situation, knowing that there are options for paying for the necessary repairs can make it easier.  It is also important to trust a qualified, professional company that understands the different challenges that are present in south Louisiana.  WCK Foundation Repair uses the only proven method to repair foundations built on the soil in our part of the state.  All of WCK’s work comes with a transferrable lifetime warranty, and financing options are available.


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Hammond Foundation Repair With More Payment Options

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Mar 15, 2016 10:38:15 AM

Hammond Foundation Repair With More Payment OptionsHave you ever been stuck behind someone at the grocery store attempting to write a check for a loaf of bread, gallon of milk and an apple?  How about someone at the coffee shop that hovers their phone or watch near the cash register and then walks out?  Either way, the truth is there are number of options when it comes to purchasing a number of different things.  Foundation repair should be the same way. 

Of course any major repair that your home needs is quite different from a trip to Starbucks or Winn-Dixie, but when it comes to a new roof, a fresh coat of paint or something as significant as foundation damage, there needs to be some flexibility when it comes to meeting these needs financially. 

There are many factors that can influence the cost of foundation repair.  The number of concrete breakouts, the number and type of piers necessary, access and landscaping factors also impact the price.  The cost of a quality repair can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands.  However at the end of the day, the safety and value of your home can’t be ignored.  This is why it makes sense for a local company to offer different options and terms when it comes to paying for your foundation repair.

So, what options are available? Of course you can always pay cash.  But when that isn’t feasible, or ideal there are financing options (with approved credit) as well.  Right now rates are still very low and WCK offers 3 and 5 year terms depending on the size of the monthly note you are looking for.  There are also deferred interest options if you are looking to pay the loan of in the near future.  Financing can also provide the opportunity to take care of some other areas of your house.  Need a new patio? Need your driveway to be repaved?  You can roll the cost of these projects into your repair. 

No matter how you decide to pay, taking care of your home’s foundation is a top priority.  However, it is comforting to know you have choices when it comes to payment.  It also important to know who you are hiring.  For over 30 years WCK Foundation Repair has been helping home and business owners and caring for the communities they serve.  WCK has a full time staff of foundation experts and the use the only proven method to permanently repair foundations that are built on our unique soil.  WCK also stands behind their work with a fully transferrable lifetime warranty.

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Financing Foundation Repair in Louisiana

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Jan 18, 2016 10:05:44 AM

Dollarphotoclub_91540602.jpgWhen it comes to making major purchases, financing can be an attractive option.  The surface benefits are clear.  It can help you out if you don’t have the lump sum necessary to cover an expense.  Financing also allows you to maintain your savings while making affordable payments.  Mostly we think of our mortgage or our car when it comes to financing, but this same option is available for purchases as well, specifically foundation repair.

Depending on the severity of the foundation damage, foundation repair costs can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.  The flexibility that a variety of foundation options offers can be quite helpful to homeowners.

Current interest rates make financing a very attractive option.   Financing also offers the opportunity to make additional home improvements.  Is it time to redo your patio?  Or maybe an extension, sidewalk or any other concrete additions?  You can roll the cost of these services into your financing.

There are also deferred interest options.  Currently (January 2016) qualified borrowers can receive 18 months interest free financing.  Another alternative is to opt for a 3 or 5 year term loan.  This will make your monthly payments smaller and the interest rates are very competitive. 

WCK Foundation Repair is proud to offer a number of financing options.  The process is simple.  There is only one application to submit and you can choose between making payments on line or have your payment auto debited from your account.  For over 30 years WCK Foundation Repair has been helping homeowners repair and restore their home’s safety and value.  Now they are helping to make it easier to pay for these repairs. 

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Baton Rouge Foundation Repair Financing: An Easier Way to Pay

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Mar 7, 2014 11:18:00 AM

foundation repair financingFoundation repair can be an expensive and daunting undertaking.  However, it is vital to the safety and value of your home.  Of course like most things, if you catch it early enough, the process can be much simpler.  If you’re noticing sticking doors, or windows that won’t stay open, even cracks in your walls or around your Baton Rouge foundation, it’s time to have your home checked out by a trusted foundation repair company. 

Ignoring the symptoms and problems of foundation damage can create many more issues throughout other areas of your home.  Having these new potential problems to deal with in addition to the value and integrity of your home decreasing can be a lot to handle.  The financial obligation of making these repairs only adds to the stress. 

WCK Foundation Repair has been caring for south Louisiana foundations for over 30 years.  Using the only proven repair method for our unique soil, the drilled pier method, WCK stands behind their work with a transferrable lifetime warranty.  Now they are proud to announce that several financing options are available to help homeowners make these repairs. 

Putting off repairs while you save to pay for them can lead to higher repair costs as damage continues over time.  Having a financing option allows you to take immediate action against the foundation damage and make affordable payments.  Another benefit to financing is that it frees up your cash to make other repairs to your home that may be needed due to your foundation issues. 

If you have concerns about the state of your home’s foundation, now is the time to call for a free estimate.  If the potential cost has kept you from doing so, now you have an affordable, flexible option.  Click here for the details of WCK’s financing plans. 

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