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Louisiana Foundation Damage: What Do I Do After My Repair?

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Sep 28, 2015 12:49:42 PM

Louisiana Foundation Damage: What Do I Do After My Repair?Anytime we have a procedure, or get something new, there are certain activities and directions that accompany these experiences.  If you buy a new car, there is a “break in” period that most manufacturers recommend, where you ease the engine in over the first 1,000 miles or so.  If you have any type of surgery, your doctor will recommend certain activities that will help your body heal.  It can be physical therapy, medication or avoiding certain chores, but this is all to prevent damage.  The way you deal with your home after having the foundation repaired is no different.


Here are six tips to keep in mind after you have foundation damage repaired.

1.) No cosmetic work for 6 weeks:  Once the foundation is repaired it will still take several weeks to settle.  Any work done before your home settles from the lifting and is stable on its new piers can be undone by this movement.

2.) Install gutters if necessary and/or possible: Gutters are a key way to control moisture and precipitation.  Homes without gutters will let rain fall off of the roof, forcing it to land and collect along the home’s foundation.  This is the primary cause of foundation damage as the water forces the soil to expand.  Gutters can prevent this.

3.) Keep the piers covered with dirt at all times:  The piers that will be installed to keep your foundation working properly need to be protected.  This is achieved by keeping them covered with dirt at all times.

4.) Ensure that water is draining away from the home: Just as the gutters mentioned above will keep your foundation safe; so will managing the drainage in other areas of your lawn.  Water should be channeled away from the foundation.  Gutters, downspouts and other drainage practices keep water away from your foundation and prevent the soil from becoming saturated and creating more damage.

5.) Maintain your plumbing: Just as water outside of your home can cause damage, so can water that comes from inside your home.  If you have experienced plumbing problems in the past or have any concerns, now is the time to address them.  Any leaks from your plumbing system can saturate the foundation and soil, creating the same foundation damage that can occur from poor precipitation drainage.

6.) Keep your warranty and foundation repair contract in a safe place: If and when you decide to sell your home, this warranty and contract will prove that your foundation has been repaired.  Also, the warranty may be able to be transferred to the buyer, enhancing your home’s resale value.

These are just a few simple tips to keep in mind after you’ve had your foundation repaired.  By following these guidelines you will save money, time and stress.  If you think that your home has foundation damage, it is important to trust a local, licensed foundation repair company.  For over 30 years WCK Foundation Repair has been helping south Louisiana home and business owners.  WCK uses the only proven method for foundation repair for our unique soil conditions.  They also stand behind their work with a fully transferable lifetime warranty.  To learn more, visit our foundation repair page.

7 Signs of Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge Commercial Foundation Repair: Winter Preparation

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Nov 20, 2014 9:30:00 AM

Baton Rouge Commercial Foundation Repair: Winter PreparationWearing shorts in October would be a welcome change in most parts of our country.  In south Louisiana it means another normal autumn.  However, all good things must come to an end.  This tends to be that time of the year your khaki shorts turn into jeans and LSU t-shirts turn into LSU sweathshirts.  This drastic climate change means more than an impact to your wardrobe; it can also have a big influence on your commercial foundation.  Here are 3 tips to make sure your business’ foundation is ready for winter.  

1.) Clean gutters:  Foundation problems in south Louisiana can typically stem from drainage issues.  After a long summer, check your business’ gutters for leaves, sticks and other debris that can keep precipitation from being channeled away from the structure.

2.) Assess cracks in brick, mortar, stucco, concrete and other materials:  This is a good plan to implement a few times every year.  The sooner you find a potential foundation issue, the easier it can be to remedy.  Cost savings can be a huge factor in a business’ success and addressing foundation issues at first sight can create tremendous savings.  Frequent examination for cracks as well as other tell-tale signs of foundation distress, like sticking doors and windows and uneven floors can all indicate foundation problems.

3.) Look for standing water: As previously stated, drainage is key in preventing foundation damage.  South Louisiana is infamous for its clay-laden and absorbent soil.  As the soil around our homes and businesses expands it exerts tremendous force on the foundation walls.  Having conditions that allow precipitation to infiltrate the soil around commercial businesses gives the soil an opportunity to expand and become hazardous to the foundation.  If you notice water collecting, find a way to channel it elsewhere.  Keeping water away from your structure can maintain an equilibrium in the soil, creating a better environment for your foundation.

Whether you run your business out of a warehouse, commercial office building or home, protecting the foundation needs to be a priority.  WCK Foundation Repair has been caring for businesses and commercial buildings for over 30 years.  For more information, click here.

7 Signs of Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge

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Why Mandeville Foundation Repair Issues Are Prevalent in the Fall

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Nov 19, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Why Mandeville Foundation Repair Issues Are Prevalent in the Fall The arrival of fall harkens the coming of widespread change: temperatures drop, leaves explode with color and float to the ground, and the world prepares for its yearly hibernation.

And unfortunately for some, changes in nature also contribute to the deterioration of home foundations, which can threaten the integrity of the entire structure. But what exactly about this beautiful season endangers the ground beneath our feet?

Shifting Soil a Detriment to Home Foundations  

Homeowners in the region may notice foundational shifts more often during the fall; and it is certainly no coincidence. A 2010 article in the New York Times details homeowners in Tennessee, Mississippi, and other regional states who noticed damage to their homes after periods of extreme weather change, and posits that unstable weather patterns could cause soil to shift and erode, thus leading to minor and even catastrophic damage to the homes. The article goes further to say that heavy periods of rain and precipitation followed by periods of drought may be to blame for the damage wreaking havoc on so many homes the area.

How exactly is the damaged caused by changes in soil? During a period of rain, the soil will become saturated with water beneath the house, allowing for a stable base on which the house can stand. Once the rain stops, however, and a period of drought sets in, the soil may dry out completely, causing it to contract. As the soil contracts underneath house, it begins to sink and crack, dragging the house down along as well.

Of course, not all houses in areas plagued by heavy rains and droughts will feel the effects of this phenomenon, although it is more likely to occur due to this cyclical pattern.

How to Mitigate the Damage Sustained by Your Foundation 

Foundational damage can manifest in a host of ways, all of which, if left unchecked, could lead to additional problems. Some issues associated with foundational damage may include bowing basement walls, porches or chimneys that have become separated from the house, or even windows or doors that won’t shut.

If you have experienced any of these problems with your foundation, however, there are ways to mitigate the damage and help avoid future issues. By repairing and reinforcing your foundation, you will help provide extra fortification for the infrastructure of your home.

Are you hesitant to make repairs because you are unsure of the cost? Avoiding taking necessary steps to fix your home will only exacerbate the problem. Instead of waiting any longer, contact WCK Foundation Repair today for an estimate and answers to any of your other questions. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help you save your home.

 7 Signs of Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge

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What to Look For When Hiring a Baton Rouge Foundation Repair Company?

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Sep 18, 2014 9:19:00 AM


Th2007-05-29_02.22.46e foundation of your home is of utmost importance. A firm foundation serves as a strong support to your overall home structure, while a weak one brings costly consequences that jeopardize the comfort and well-being of your home. As a homeowner, regularly checking your foundation for signs of cracks and other problems will save you much financial heartache. When in doubt, always call and talk to your local foundation repair experts.  Even over the phone, they can help you decipher if you have a foundation problem or not.  Estimates are free, so if you do need an estimate on repairs, one can be scheduled for you.

Need a Foundation Repair?

Once a professional has confirmed that your foundation needs some repair, finding a reliable foundation repair company or contractor will ensure a seamless and satisfactory service. When it comes to looking for a trustworthy foundation repair company, most people usually start off with Internet. But with so many options popping up in your Google search, it's difficult to narrow down and find one that offers the most professional and competitive rate. So before you embark on a research frenzy, here are some tricks that will help you to find the right foundation repair company:

1. Local Company

Most homeowners may not realize the importance of hiring a local company for their foundation repair projects. However, given that South Louisiana has a unique soil condition that drastically differs from any other area across the nation, it's extremely important for you to hire a company that not only knows the area, but also understands the local soil conditions. 

2. Warranty 

Besides hiring a local company that is familiar with South Louisiana's soil conditions, make sure that your company offers a transferable warranty. If the company offers one, read those fine print terms to understand how the warranty works. Many foundation repair companies (even reputable ones) attach many strings to their transferable warranty. Knowing the requirements and the type of actions that may void a warranty is of critical importance. As for WCK Foundation, we keep our transferable lifetime warranty nice and simple. You don't even need to report your home sale to us, everything is covered for the buyer just as it was for you. 

3. Experience and Stability

You should always hire a local foundation repair company that has been in business for over 20 years. Foundation repair is an area that requires rich theoretical and practical knowledge. Professional skills and experiences are two indispensable assets that help foundation repair experts to identify the problems and tackle them with unmatched precision. Hire a stable company that has been in your area for many decades so you can receive top-quality work and results.

4. Referrals/Testimonials

Another big plus about hiring a local company is that it probably has already established some kinds of brand name and reputation in the area. Because local companies are more transparent and easier to be held accountable by you and your immediate community, they tend to be much more serious about providing professional and customer-satisfying services. To better narrow down your choices, read the online ratings and testimonials. Better yet, ask your friends and neighbors for referrals. 

WCK Foundation Repair is a local and professional foundation repair company that has been in business for over 30 years. Contact us today for a free estimate and we will impress you with our dedicated, high-quality service. 

7 Signs of Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge

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Hammond Foundation Repair: A Playbook for Success

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Sep 10, 2014 10:11:18 AM

shutterstock_59461957It’s the most wonderful time of the year in south Louisiana, football season.  As we venture into August, the Saints are in training camp, the Tigers and Jaguars are days have just begun practice, and high school jamborees are right around the corner.  As rookies and freshmen and walk-ons begin this new season, one thing is for sure, they’ll be studying the playbook. 

Of course over the years some things have changed.  Playbooks are likely found on tablets and iPads now, instead of the leather bound or spiral notebooks of years past.  But one thing is definitely the same, the three elements of the game we all love so much.  Offense.  Defense.  Special teams. 

These three elements actually align very well to caring for and repairing your Hammond home’s foundation.  Let’s take a look at how the three different units that take to the gridiron can shed some light on foundation repair in Tangipahoa Parish. 

Offense:  Just like the coaching staff devising a strategy to lead the team down the field to score, it’s vital to have a plan in place to correct any foundation issues as they arise.  There are a number of ways to move the football down the field; on the ground, through the air, with misdirection and many more.  Depending on the area of the foundation and the conditions that are impacting it, it’s good to have the knowledge and options to combat it in the best way possible.  WCK Foundation Repair has reviewed the game film and read the scouting report on every foundation problem that can impact our area.  Instead of the spread or west coast offense, WCK uses the drilled pier method.  The best foundation repair process for our expansive soil.

Defense:  You can score all the points in the world, but if you don’t have a way to stop the opposition, it won’t do any good.  This is the same for protecting your foundation.  If you are going for the shutout, controlling the drainage around your home is the best place to start in order to avoid any foundation distress at all.  For a football team, fast defensive ends, strong linebackers and smart defensive backs can keep any offense at bay.  For your home, gutters, drainage and management of low spots where water collects can keep your clay laden Louisiana soil from expanding and creating pressure on your foundation.

Special Teams:  Special teams is all about field position.  This unit can create momentum and change the game in the blink of an eye.  WCK can do the same thing.  If you’ve noticed cracks in your foundation or concrete, have doors or windows that won’t open or close then it’s time to take action.  On the football field, an on-side kick can be a risky gamble.  WCK’s proven method and transferrable lifetime warranty are anything but an on-side kick.  They will however change the value and safety of your home quicker than a 102 yard kickoff return for a touchdown.

So enjoy this wonderful time of the year.  Dust off the TV and foam finger and get ready for some football.  If your home has some or several of the telltale signs of foundation distress, call WCK Foundation Repair, the home team, and make this a great season on and off the field.  

7 Signs of Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge

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Ascension Parish Foundation Repair: 3 Good Reasons

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Jul 31, 2014 9:44:00 AM

Ascension Parish Foundation Repair:  3 Good ReasonsEvery now and then we need a good reason to do something.  Need might be a strong word, but it takes a good reason to get us to do something we already know needs to be done.  When an issue arises and it’s a little out of our element, or something we aren’t knowledgeable about, it makes us hesitant to pull the trigger on a decision.  Unfortunately, procrastination rarely makes a situation better.  This couldn’t be truer than it is for foundation repair on your home in Ascension Parish. 

When you start to suspect issues with your foundation, whether you’re in Gonzales, Prairieville, Sorrento or Donaldsonville, time is likely no longer on your side.  If you’ve noticed cracks in your foundation, “stair-stepping” separations in your bricks, windows and doors that are difficult to open or close or cracks in your walls, it’s time to have your foundation inspected. 

The idea that your home is less than safe, or the value may be dramatically impacted can be a frightening thought.  It’s these (unnecessarily) frightening thoughts that lead to the aforementioned procrastination.  Well, here are 3 pleasant thoughts that will turn your procrastination into action.

1.)    Help resell value:  If you are currently selling, or ever plan to sell your home, foundation damage is something that must be disclosed by law to prospective buyers.  It is also something that will be included as a stipulation for purchase.  So unless you want to keep your house forever, or you want to live in one that isn’t safe and can create future problems for all aspects of the structure, reacting to this problem quickly can save a lot time and money, as well as keep your home’s value where it deserves to be.

2.)    Safety: With your home being a haven and shelter for you and your family, safety needs to be key concern.  Unfortunately a failing foundation is anything but safe.   

3.)    Prevents future damage: With the type of soil that our homes are built upon in Ascension Parish, foundations are quite vulnerable to settling and subsequent damage.  When you recognize the signs of foundation problems, the clay-laden, expansive soil will continue to damage the structure.  While it may start as a foundation issue, there can be problems with interior walls, doors, windows, sidewalks, all the way up to your roof.  Taking the steps to remedy these problems cannot only prevent this additional damage, it can stop foundation deterioration for good.  With the proper method for our soil conditions, and a transferrable lifetime warranty, once your foundation repair is completed by WCK Foundation repair, you won’t need to worry about it again.

These are just 3 reasons not to hesitate when you suspect something might be wrong with your home.  For over 30 years, WCK Foundation Repair has helped and educated homeowners about the best options and best results for their home.  For more information, click here.

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Mandeville Foundation Repair: Keys to Good Drainage

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Jun 19, 2014 11:58:00 AM

Mandeville Foundation Repair: Keys to Good DrainageWhen you think about drainage around your home, there is probably one basic idea that comes to mind, gutters.  While gutters are key, there is much more to proper drainage than simply having gutters on your home.  The reason that an effective drainage system is so important is because the soil in Mandeville is a clay-laden, expansive type of soil that can wreak havoc on a home’s foundation if not properly managed. 

We are all familiar with on again, off again deluges of rain coupled with scorching hot dry spells that are a part of summer in south Louisiana.  As the soil that surrounds and supports our home becomes soaked, it expands and exerts thousands of pounds of pressure the walls of the foundation.  As it dries, the soil retracts, pulling away from the walls of the foundation.  So on and so forth.  As our climate allows the soil to constantly pulse against the foundation, the sheer force of the expansion will eventually compromise your home’s foundation. 

Through proper drainage, the soil can remain constant; not too wet, not too dry.  Taking a few extra steps to ensure that your home is prepared to handle precipitation and water can prevent your foundation from becoming overwhelmed.

Sloping can be a strong tool in combating the damaging effects of saturated soil.  Having the ground built up around your home will channel water away from the foundation.  Sloping will also compact and solidify the soil making it less likely to shift. 

Improving your gutters can be another cost effective option to dramatically improve and protect your foundation.  Ensuring water isn’t being left directly below the roof, next to the foundation, saturating the ground is key.  Extending the downspout can carry water downhill and away from the structure.  A catch basin can be another useful element to include in your drainage plan.  Catch basins can be designed to channel water away through a series of tubes into a drainage ditch, or can be emptied by hand.  Either way this prevents the ground near your home from collecting water, keeping your foundation safe.

These couple of simple ideas can lead to a much healthier foundation and home.  If you notice areas around your lawn and house where water collects and stands, it’s time to adjust your drainage.  If you believe that the damage may already be done, entrust your home to the experts at WCK Foundation Repair.  For over 30 years, WCK has been educating and helping homeowners.  WCK uses the only proven and guaranteed method for correcting foundation issues caused by our unique soil.  For more information and a free estimate, click here.


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Plaquemine Foundation Repair: Spring Cleaning

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Mar 3, 2014 11:20:00 AM

plaquemine foundation repair: spring cleaningThis winter was a little more active than most and as we begin to thaw, it’s time prepare for spring.  If your Plaquemine home is in need of foundation repair, now is the time to address it.  The rains of spring and summer and the approaching tropical season can only expedite the deterioration of your home’s foundation.  However, this is also a critical time of the year to take measures to prevent damage to your home’s foundation.  Think of it as “Spring Cleaning” for your foundation.  Making some adjustments, improvements and precautionary plans can not only save you time and money when it comes to foundation repair, it could delay, if not, prevent a repair altogether. 

Here’s a quick list of things you can do around your home and in your yard to prevent foundation damage:

  • Make sure you have proper drainage installed:  Anywhere you’ve noticed standing water needs to be addressed.  It is imperative that water is channeled away from your home and away from the foundation.  As water collects it saturates the clay-laden soil in our part of Louisiana.  As this soil soaks up water, it expands and exerts force against the foundation walls.  As this continues cracks form and the structural integrity of your foundation can fail.

  • Clean your gutters:  This goes along with your home’s drainage system.  As leaves, branches and other debris fell through autumn and into winter; your gutters likely collected a lot of them.  When your gutters aren’t open and working properly, precipitation will fall where it is not intended.  This will likely lead to standing water and soil becoming oversaturated and possibly washed away, creating new foundation distress.

  • Water properly:  It is also important that the soil around home doesn’t become too dry.  While we’ve had a wet winter, it is important to monitor dry spells as well.  If the ground becomes too dry, the soil could contract and begin to erode, also causing foundation issues.  If the dry soil is washed away from inadequate drainage, or ignored in drought conditions, it will either drain or erode, removing it as a supporting element of your home.

  • Monitor landscaping:  If you have shrubbery, flowerbeds or other landscaping around your home be sure to maintain these elements.  While they add curb appeal to your home they can also create foundation problems.  Water plants and trees on the side opposite of your foundation.  This will encourage the roots to grow toward the water and not toward your home, generating pressure against the foundation.  If you are concerned about a large tree or other pieces of landscaping, root barriers could prevent damage.  These trees draw a considerable amount of moisture from the surrounding soil and can contribute to volatile expansion and contraction levels.

These are only a handful of helpful tips.  Preventing some of the activities that create foundation problems is a great way to avoid the consequences that require foundation repair.  WCK Foundation Repair has been taking care of south Louisiana homes for over 30 years.  The drilled pier method they utilize is ideal for Louisiana’s unique, clay-laden soil.  All of WCK’s work comes with a fully transferrable lifetime warranty.

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Slidell Foundation Repair: Avoid These Temporary Fixes

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Feb 24, 2014 10:34:00 AM

Slidell Foundation Repair:  Avoiding these Temporary FixesWashing your car in the rain.  Cleaning your hands in the midst of a crawfish boil.  Buying high and selling low.  These things just don’t make a lot of sense.  There are a variety of other toilsome, pointless activities we can add to the list when it comes to your Slidell home’s foundation.  When there are underlying issues affecting the health and safety of your house, trying to remedy the symptoms is simply throwing good money after bad. 

Recognizing the signs of foundation damage is the first critical step in repairing your home and saving time and money in the long run.  Broken bricks, cracks in the foundation walls, doors and windows that don’t close or stay open, uneven floors and drywall damage are all common indicators of foundation distress.  At the first appearance of these signs, call a trusted foundation repair expert.  Correcting the root of the problem is the only way to ensure the health of your biggest asset, your home.  It would be a waste of time, energy and money to engage in any of these household repairs without finding a remedy for your foundation issues first:

  • Brick and/or aluminum siding replacement or repairs

  • Drywall, sheetrock and other interior carpentry repairs

  • Window replacements

  • Door replacements

Engaging in these repairs and modifications will be futile if your foundation continues to shift.  Imagine spending money on drywall repair and a new front door because there were cracks on the interior of your home and the original door wouldn’t close correctly.  Now consider that your foundation continues to settle and shift, and within a matter of months, the same repairs and then some are needed again.  That would be frustrating to say the least.  Putting a band-aid on the symptoms of foundation distress will continue to cost you money and headaches without addressing the key issue that lies in your foundation.

For foundation damage in Slidell and across the north shore it’s important to entrust your home to a quality, competent foundation repair company that uses only trusted engineering practices.  It’s also critical that they employ the best process for the type of ground and soil your home was built upon.  There is a major difference between soil on the north shore and that in New Orleans and further south.  The drilled pier is the preferred and ideal method for foundation repair in Slidell.  New Orleans based companies employ a different method that works best for their water table and soil conditions.  However, in spite of only being a short distance away, this method offers very little benefit for homes north of Lake Pontchartrain. 

WCK Foundation Repair has been using the drilled pier method to repair and correct foundation issues for over 30 years.  They take pride in educating the community and restoring homes.  All of their work abides by accepted engineering practices and comes with a transferrable lifetime warranty.

7 Signs of Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge Commercial Building Foundation Repair

Posted by WCK Foundation Expert Team on Jan 13, 2014 11:12:00 AM

Baton Rouge Commercial Building Foundation RepairThe soil in south Louisiana can cause a variety of issues for concrete and foundations.  The clay laden elements that expand and contract beneath the ground, exerting pressure on our homes takes the same toll on businesses and other commercial buildings in Baton Rouge.  A lot of the focus tends to be on the residential impact of foundation damage.  However, the same precautions, care, repair and even warranty can be available for commercial property.

Whether your business is a warehouse, a larger building, even a condo or apartment complex, your risk of foundation damage is just as high.  The warning signs will be the same as they would be for your home.  Cracks along bricks and mortar, sticking doors and windows and slanting floors all show the effects of foundation issues.  And just like the value of your home, the value of your business, likely one of your larger assets being your property and structure, the health of your foundation is a very critical element.

Just as WCK has utilized the most effective process for foundation repair in south Louisiana on the residential side, the same practice can be applied to commercial buildings.  The drilled pier method corrects foundation settlement and prevents future damage.  A major benefit that WCK offers on commercial foundation repair is a transferrable lifetime warranty.  Just as with home foundation repair, they stand behind their work on businesses and large residential complexes.

So if you’ve noticed any of the telltale signs of foundation damage at a rental property or on your company’s infrastructure, contact WCK Foundation Repair.  The longer you wait, the more damage your structure will sustain.  Leveraging the same proven and effective method that has been used on the residential side for over 30 years on your business can save you time, money and headaches down the road.

7 Signs of Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge

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